5 things I’ve learnt as a PR Intern

Lessons from a PR Intern

Coming from France to join the ASV team as their PR intern, I have had the chance to dive into the exciting world of PR. I’ve worked alongside industry professionals and gained valuable hands-on experience. I’ve seen first-hand how PR strategies and tactics are developed and implemented in real-life situations. Now, I can share the top lessons that I’ve learnt on the job.

1. Adaptability is key

Moving to a new country and working in a new industry has been overwhelming at times. However, it has allowed me to learn that taking the time to adapt to a new culture and environment is essential to success. I found that being open-minded, curious, and showing my willingness to learn truly helped me thrive as a PR intern.

2. Embracing Cultural Differences as a PR Intern

Secondly, coming from France, I had to adapt to a new culture and language. While it was intimidating at first, I found that embracing these differences allowed me to learn and grow both personally and professionally.

3. Creativity is essential

In PR, creativity is essential, especially when developing campaigns, and being able to contribute and come up with ideas and creative solutions pushed me to think outside the box and come up with innovative ways to reach our client’s target audience.

4. The importance of communication

As a non-native English speaker, I was initially nervous about communicating effectively with my colleagues. However, I quickly realised that communication is key in the PR industry and that being clear, concise, and confident is essential to success.

5. Attention to detail is crucial

Learning how even small errors can have a significant impact on a PR campaign’s success has allowed me to develop a meticulous eye for detail —proofreading, fact-checking, and ensuring that all information is accurate and up-to-date before sending it to the media is KEY!

Lessons from a PR Intern - Communication and accuracy is key

Of course, Interning in PR in a city like London has been challenging but incredibly rewarding. In short, I’ve learned so much about the industry and myself. I feel that I’ve grown both professionally and personally. In fact, the cultural differences between France and the UK have taught me to be more adaptable and open-minded. Finally, I’m excited to take these lessons with me as I continue my career.

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