About us

We strive to lead every brand as though it is our own. We are a boutique PR & Social Media agency based in London with a mission to empower, support and help grow female-founded fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands around the world.

PR & Social Media Agency UK - The image shows a red-haired model with long wavy hair and gold earrings staring down the barrel of the camera. She’s wearing a sem-transparent top or dress with gold lines and tuile decoration. The background is a browny-grey, and the image has a light patina on it, making it appear as a vintage photo.

A PR & Social Media Agency with a Heart

Since our launch in 2018, we have proudly supported, nurtured and fulfilled the untapped potential of some of the world’s most incredible and inspiring independent female-founded brands, caring for each as if they were our own. Because when our clients are happy, we're happy. Our agency, with our carefully selected roster of clients, draws from all parts of PR and Social Media, so your message is clear from day one. We combine unforgettable events, powerful public relations campaigns, loyal social media communities, impactful content creation and strong influencer and VIP collaborations for our fantastic clients.

We care deeply. We nurture patiently. We build brands passionately.

PR & Social Media Agency UK Examples - A model against a red rock backdrop wears a silvery white dress with an embellished, silver backless bust. Her long brown hair drapes down her back, and her silver hoop earrings complement the look.

An agency where people come first

No man is an island entirely of itself. This is why we collaborate with industry professionals to consult, produce and lead creative projects tailor-made to suit our clients' needs. We’ve worked with some of the most exciting up-and-coming female-founded brands and made a massive impact on their visibility and presence.