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Welcome to the ASV Collective. A community specifically created to empower female fashion founders like you. Ready to step into a supportive community that will help you run and grow your business?

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Empowering fashion events

Ready to meet other like-minded fearless female fashion entrepreneurs and take your business to the next level? ​We craft incredible fashion events for our community of female fashion founders that help build connections and navigate those pesky challenges that all brand owners face. We’ve helped our collective tackle production issues, explore marketing strategies and create lasting, beneficial relationships, both with the press, stylists, buyers and designers and with each other (because isn’t it nice meeting those in the same boat as you?).

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Our Collective Club

Ever thought about what being part of a supportive fashion community felt like? Say no more. Join our Facebook group with other female fashion entrepreneurs who have joined the ASV Collective. If you’re a fierce fashion founder, this is the group for you. Here to support the fearless. Here to support YOU.

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Everything has been designed to help you plan, design, market, and manage your way to success. You now have everything you need to build and run your dream business.

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Fashion PR Agency Support

As an experienced fashion PR agency, we’ve seen first-hand what our fashion designers struggle with most. Whether it’s the admin side, logistics of production or getting their brand seen, we know the difficulties of running your fashion brand while producing stunning designs. That’s why we created the ASV collective; to support our fashion-forward clients and help them connect with other fashion entrepreneurs. With our PR, social media and events knowledge, our fashion networking events are always informative and backed up by years of experience in the industry.