Collective Events

Ever wondered what your business would look like if you had the right connections, understood marketing better, didn’t have ongoing production issues and saw numbers with excitement, rather than complete and utter terror?

Then you’ll want to check out the below…

Digital PR services from ASV Pr Agency London UK - The image shows a dark-haired model sitting in a blue velvet chair reclining on her side. She’s wearing a designer orange dress and floral crown. The background is a pink velvet curtain and boarded by plants.

Collective minds

Think of an evening filled with problems. Horrifying, right? Well, what if we said that together we'll unlock great ideas that will help you solve yours?

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Paula Knorr collection

Network like a boss

Imagine a place filled with delicious food and amazing female founders like you looking to take their brand to the next level. Sound good? Well then you'll want to be a part of our first event!

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