Event Management

Grab your best dress; it's party time! Let us showcase your beautiful brand with our fantastic event management services that create unique experiences that are newsworthy, unforgettable and unmissable. We’ll help you through the party of the century.

Event management venue example - A unique square room with murals across all walls and pillars. Blues, oranges and browns are present in the room decor through mirrors, tables, lamps and rugs. There are several clothing rails for fashion designers' clothing. The room is warm and inviting.

Making memories

We turn dynamic concepts into incredible experiences that put your brand at the centre of everything. Whether large or small, from brief to delivery, we help to develop newsworthy, noteworthy moments.

An Events management example of a catwalk - The image shows a catwalk of Paula Knorr clothing. Four models are in view; the front and most visible model wears a shimmery purple dress with full sleeves and ruching up the side and cuffs.

Make an impact

Forget repetitive, tired press luncheons; we don’t do dull. From catwalk shows and presentations to influencer breakfasts and launch parties, our clients aren't afraid to make waves, and our events reflect that. We want your audience to remember you long after the last pop of that perfectly chilled bottle of bubbly.