Social Media Report

The report that will help you visualise and understand all your social media data.

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just got easier

Figuring out what’s working and what’s not, can be challenging enough on its own. Especially if you are not looking at your data.

But hey, don't worry. We’re here to make your life easier with our monthly social media report template.

This is step-by-step template will guide you on how to create a monthly social media report that will help you understand if your strategy is going well and plan your next steps by

1. Analysing key metrics such as growth, engagement and reach, etc.

2. Analysing the performance of your content (posts, stories, reels…)

3. Next steps

  • Upon purchase you will receive a Canva link with your own Social Media template. 
  • Simply add the content in each slide with the information you’ll find in your IG Analytics.
  • These email templates are only for the use of the person who purchased it and not to be shared, sold or distributed in any way, not even after customised.
  • Must be customised with your own data before using it in any way.